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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Welcome All! We are so excited to fill you in on everything about Greek Weddings!

Naturally, our first blog is about the Greek Orthodox Wedding Crowns, called Stefana in Greek, and the Wedding Crown Case, called the Stefanothiki (Stefanothikes, plural).

The wedding Stefana are one of the most important symbols of the Orthodox marriage. The "Crowning" or "Stepsis" is held during the second part of the service of Holy Matrimony (the first is the service of the Betrothal), has special meaning and significance.

(Many thanks to our wonderful friends, Tracey and George, for sharing their beautiful wedding photo.)

The Wedding Crowns / Stefana are two beautifully decorated crowns attached with a long ribbon connecting the couple. They are symbols that the bride and the groom are united as the "King and the Queen of their own kingdom." The official sponsors of the wedding, the koumbaro (male) or koumbara (female) help facilitate the rituals of the wedding ceremony and typically purchases the Stefana for the ceremony.

During the Crowning, the priest takes the crown from the wedding altar in his right hand, and blesses the groom three times, placing the crown upon his head. He does the same to the bride, placing her crown upon her head. Then the Koumbaros exchanges the crowns between the bride and groom three times. 

It is said that the tradition of the "Crowning" began in ancient times, when the Stefana were made from lemon blossoms, olive branches, and vine leaves. And, other than the stefana being made of different materials in modern times, the ceremony of the Crowning has remained the same in the Orthodox church.

Since the wedding Stefana are such an important part of a couple's lives and a symbol of their union, it is very important to preserve the Stefana in a Stefanothiki / Wedding Crown Case. The Stefanothiki is a beautiful way to display the Stefana. Many couples choose to hang the Stefanothiki over their bed or on a wall next to their marriage certificate. It is an honor to gift the couple with the stefanothiki as it, along with their stefana, will be kept for life.

Please visit our galleries to view our full line of stefana and stefanothikes and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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